Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Dissolved Calcium and Magnesium in water, cause scaling in pipe work and boilers. The Advanced Water Treatment range of water softener utilise high quality components to provide a continuous supply of softened water. This process uses base exchange resin to replace the hardness with sodium ions. We provide both simplex and duplex softeners along with brine tanks for commercial, industrial or domestic use. Simplex systems are used for batch production and Duplex units are used to provide a continuous supply of softened water.

All Advanced Water Treatment's softeners use composite vessels consisting of a polyethylene inner with GRP outer shell. The vessel is complete with internal collection and distributors and filled with high grade base exchange resin. The units are fitted with multiport control valves which automatically draw in the brine solution used in the regeneration process. The vessels are usually connected with ABS pipe work and fittings.

The quantity of the softened water is constantly monitored by the water meter. The Simplex water softeners automatically regenerate when the set quantity of treated water has passed. The controller changes the standby softener to service before regenerating the exhausted resin before returning it to standby. The regeneration of the softener resin draws the brine solution from the combined brine tank/Salt saturator.

Available Options

Our water softeners are supplied with various options available, these include,

  • Bulk salt saturators
  • Hardness monitors and test kits
  • Raw water feed pump and tank sets
  • Softened water storage tanks
  • Break tanks
  • Booster pumps/kits

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