Spotlight on... DI Cylinder Exchange

Cleaner, More Cost Effective DI Water

Advanced Water Treatment's range of pure water filters are a clean & cost effective way to produce pure (deionised or DI) water without high capital expense or the need for chemicals.

Our cylinders are available for sale or for hire/rental. These cylinders provide single use deionised water. With our easy to use Quick2Connect system, these filters are literally plug and play, producing pure, deionised water in minutes. And once your pure water filter has exhausted simply go online buy a replacement and we will deliver your new deionised water cylinder and pick up your exhausted unit.

All systems use only high quality components and resin to provide high quality deionised water of quality up to 18 ohms.

There are many terms for this type of pure water including:

Demin water, deionised water (or deionized water in America), distilled water, Pure or ultra pure water, deionisation process water (or deionization in America), D i water, purified water and water purified by ion exchange process.

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*All stated values are estimated on water supplies within certain parameters (including: feed water - 100ppm, pressure - 3 bar) The performance of the product will vary.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Dimensions/Colours etc may vary.

Connections & Quick2Connect - the 100, 200, 300 range cylinders come complete with 3/4" hose-tail connections. The 400, 500 range cylinders come complete with 1" hose-tail connections.

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