AWT Recreate Japanese Water!

Towards the end of 2017 Advanced Water Treatment were contacted by a company who were to open a Japanese brewery to produce Sake (Japanese Rice wine) in the UK.

To do this the company needed to recreate the water found in Japan for the possibility to be able to produce the Sake. The water for the brewing of Sake was to be supplied by a borehole and the challenge to recreating Japanese spring water from a UK borehole there begun.

Following analysis of the borehole water by AWT the calculations were undertaken to check the limitations of the UK water.

The company knew the specifications of what they required the water to be and it was then our job to design a water treatment system which would blend filtered, softened and Reverse Osmosis water to create the correct water.

The Sake Brewery water treatment system is now in the process of being commissioned providing a consistently high quality of water ready for the brewing to begin!

A bespoke plan drawn specifically for the brewery to ensure they get the correct water specifications that they require.

The finished product! Looks great doesn't it!

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