News Stories from 2012


PFOS Removal

Our client had two large fire-fighting tanks on their site which were filled with a mixture of water and fire-fighting foam containing PFOS. They wanted to remove the PFOS from the water before they could discharge the tanks to drain as they are changing their procedures and did not want, or need this fire-fighting foam any longer...

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Our 'Unmanned Mission'

We are aware that with new equipment, plant and service contracts there can be some additional cost to businesses in monitoring and servicing the equipment. Checking levels, pressures and water quality, as well as cleaning filters and taking temperatures all take up time and money. Additionally the extra admin cost of all the paperwork, writing things up and keeping records, whilst not enormous, can often add up over time...

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'Do We Need a Risk Assessment?'

'Do We Need a Risk Assessment?' - This is a question we frequently get asked by clients with regards to their Legionella and water hygiene management...

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Advanced Water Treatment's Promise to you

Here is our promise to you, our clients and our future clients...

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Custom Blend Chemicals

Our client had a specific requirement for some flocculent chemical suitable to use in their process along with other water treatment chemicals. The chemical needed to act effectively whilst maintaining the pH balance of the water in the process and also not reacting with any of the other water treatment chemicals in the system...

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Water Hygiene & Landlords Responsibilities.

Advanced Water Treatment are working with local estate agents, letting agents and landlords to help ensure that they are compliant with current HSC requirements. The current guidelines apply to ALL properties including DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL lettings...

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Water Treatment for Farms & Food Production.

Advanced Water Treatment offer Complete Water Treatment Solutions for Farming & Food Production industries from Advanced Water Treatment, Including...

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UV Disinfection on a Farm.

Our client was having problems with bacteria in the water, and required us to provide a solution which did not use chemicals as some of their customers prefer a chemical free solution...

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Pipework, and Alterations.

In order to safeguard water quality and public health it is a requirement that many new private water supply pipes are commissioned before they are connected to mains water services...

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Solids in Heating System.

Due to the age and size of the system the client was having issues with the level of suspended solids in the system...

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Bacteria & Aquarium Pools.

Our client is a nationwide group of entertainment venues; these venues include a number of aquariums. One site specifically was having issues with the levels of bacteria in one of their outside displays...

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