News Stories from 2014


AWT turn on soft water

This month AWT have been replacing the water softener resin in a West Norfolk food processing company's water softener.

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Advanced Water Treatment Services

This month we have been working in two major industries; Healthcare and Education.

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Resolving Water Problems

We have been busy helping to resolve many different water problems this month for our customers!

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AWT help out!

Here at AWT we have been busy helping out our customers with their water problems and providing solutions when necessary!

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Deionised water flies out!

We have sent deionistaion cylinders over seas for use in African countries and two, to a Oil rig off the Danish coast.

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AWT Solve Water Treatment Problem at Suffolk Airbase

Advanced Water Treatment were asked to look at the water treatment on a boiler make up at an airforce base in Suffolk.

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AWT supply condensate line corrosion protection

Recently AWT have been asked to supply a customer; with a protection from corrosion on their steam pipe work

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AWT saves company on boiler fuel costs

AWT have worked with a prestigious meat processing Factory which has saved them substantial boiler fuel costs. This factory generates over 2000 kg of steam per hour for the processing of the meat on site.

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AWT help to protect a dementia care home

AWT helped & protected the residents of a local dementia care home from the threat of legionella by carrying out a legionella risk assessment.

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