News Stories from 2016


Water Treatment for companies providing their own sustainable energy

We have recently designed and supplied an RO system for a farm in Norfolk who use chicken manure to fuel their boiler...

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Spa Pools & Legionella Control

Does your business have a spa pool? Did you know that there are risks of bacteria in the pool if you don't maintain it and clean it properly?

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The benefits of softened water

This month we have worked with water softeners, both industrial and domestic which is a new area for AWT!

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Filter and UV Systems

A UV disinfection unit and water filtration system are used together to remove harmful bacteria from the water supply.

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The uses of ultra pure water

This month we have designed and built a skid to provide ultra pure water to a turbine on a large ship.

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High demand for Legionella Risk Assessments

This month we have been quoting for Legionella risk assessment work at council run buildings, doctors surgeries and care homes for the elderly.

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UV system installed into residential property

This month we have installed a UV system into a residential property where the property is served by well water instead of mains water

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UV Disinfection

This month AWT have serviced UV units at a Midlands hospital.

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Chemical control of water wall

This month AWT have provided a Legionella risk assessment and chemical control contract to a fenland farm machinery manufacturer.

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What do you need to know about scale?

Scale build up forms because raw water contains dissolved solids such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals form on heat exchange surfaces when the water is heated through a process of reverse solubility.

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AWT keep things familiar

As AWT enter 2016 we have carried on regular boiler servicing and water temperature testing with our existing clients.

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