News Stories from 2017


It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

December is always a busy time of year in general and this is no exception for AWT this month!

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Borehole Water Treatment

However, you source your water supply, contaminants are collected as water moves through the ground, for example picking up chalk, nitrates and iron from the ground.

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What bacteria could be living in your cold water tank?

During October cleaned the cold water tanks at a local school as part of their Legionella control scheme and also carried out a tank clean at a large company based in West Norfolk.

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A focus on Deionised Water and Deionisation Cylinders

Advanced Water Treatment's Deionisation Cylinders are used in a variety of applications from the washing of plastic parts used in a well know vacuum cleaner to control of humidity inside a drill shalf on a North Sea oil rig.

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UV's - chemical free

What do you know about Ultraviolet Units?

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Deionisation Cylinders vs Reverse Osmosis Units

We have been looking at the benefits of deionisation cylinders and reverse osmosis units.

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Frequently asked questions about Legionella

We thought it would be useful to cover some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Legionella Risk Assessments!

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Working with a 'green' company

AWT have recently been working with the Green Britain Centre in Swaffham.

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Common mistakes with water softeners

This month we thought we would go over some common mistakes people make with water softeners.

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High levels of iron removed from water supply

Water naturally dissolves iron when it moves through the ground and it will stay in that water unless it is dissolved.

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Legionella testing at Holiday Parks

Holiday parks who have serviced camping pitches, laundry rooms, shower blocks etc that have not been used through the winter months are now looking to have Legionella testing carried out to ensure that there is no risk to customers and staff that will start using the facilities soon.

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Water Treatment Solutions

We have been working in this industry for over 20 years and the reasons that people use our services have in some ways stayed the same.

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