Chemical Cleaning Services

Advanced Water Treatment carry out chemical cleaning and dynamic flushing of fouled systems to BSRIA guidelines ensuring optimum flow and heat exchange. We pride ourselves in our expert, quality service and our recent projects include bacterial contamination to scaling on heat exchangers to removal of oil and engineering debris. We also carry out pre-commission and post commission services for a wide range of water systems, including the disinfection of systems that contain unacceptable levels of bacteriological species.

Our Services Include:

Pre-Commission Cleaning

New pipework installations will require the removal of contaminate debris such as milli-scale, jointing compounds and building debris. These contaminants will increase the risk of blockage at strainers and small bore control valves. Advances in modern day systems have made the process of pre-commission cleaning an essential procedure to facilitate maximum plant efficiency.

Existing System Cleaning

The cleaning of existing systems sometimes requires practical solutions tailored to the customers needs. It may, for example, be desirable or necessary to keep heating or cooling systems operational whilst flushing and cleaning works to go ahead. We have the experience and expertise to engineer bespoke solutions to suit the needs of individual clients.

Biocide Wash

Biocide washes are sometimes viewed as an essential precautionary measure in order to control bacteria and biofilms which may become established inside new and existing pipework. This is advisable as an additional stage of a chemical cleaning procedure. As water treatment specialists we have a range of biocidal treatments at our disposal.

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