Advanced Water Treatment is your one stop shop for chemical dosing equipment, we stock and supply a wide range of pumps, tanks, bunds and associated equipment. Our clients have the option of buying the equipment from us or renting from us along side a supply/service contract.

Chemical Supply

Advanced Water Treatment stock and supply a wide range of water treatment chemicals, from multi-functional boiler chemicals, to chlorine and acid dosing, and everything in between. Our chemical team have experience from many backgrounds, we are therefore able to match our chemicals with existing suppliers, making it simple to switch. Our client feedback has told us that it's our competitive price as well as expert advice that has made the transition to Advanced Water Treatment, simple and cost effective.


Our water monitoring services vary from client to client, but typically consist of annual contracts including chemical supply and delivery (including MSDS and site specific risk assessments on request), water monitoring, supply and servicing of dosing equipment.

Scope of Service

Some of our most common client solutions are:

  • Supply of multi-function boiler feed chemical, along with dosing equipment (including client rental of equipment from ourselves) as well as, for example, a water monitoring contract or sampling service.
  • PH correction through acid dosing, various applications including swimming pools, this would usually go hand in hand with a monitoring contract to ensure consistent and safe dosing.
  • Cleaning chemicals i.e. chlorine as well as cleaning services to industry, for example pre-commissioning cleaning.

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What Next?

To chat to one of our team, please do call us on (+44) 01553 636532. We also offer a free, no obligation initial consultation, and would love the opportunity to chat with you about your needs and how we may be able to help. You can contact us by clicking here and filling in a simple form, or you can call on (+44) 01553 636532.