Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling water systems are integral to many industrial processes and commercial air conditioning systems. Efficient cooling is essential, to minimise running costs and maintain production. An effective cooling water treatment programme ensures that safe and efficient cooling system operation is maintained.

Solutions, Products and Services

Advanced Water Treatment provides a range of cooling water treatment products including,

  • Low toxicity, low environmental impact cooling water inhibitors
  • Biofilm control programmes, and biofilm monitoring systems
  • A wide range of oxidising and non-oxidising biocides
  • Microprocessor control systems with local and remote monitoring and logging capability
  • Field proven biocide products for Legionella control

All our products are supported by our ‘plant products’ such as filtration and drumless delivery systems, computer managed close monitoring programmes, and a full range of laboratory and in-field technical services.

Advanced Water Treatment’s services for cooling water treatment include:

  • Programme performance monitoring
  • Chemical delivery and handling systems
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Site analysis full trial monitoring and problem solving
  • Legionella and other microbiological testing and monitoring
  • Cooling system disinfection and cleaning
  • Cooling system refurbishment
  • Biofilm monitoring and control
  • Model cooling systems and bench rigs

Advanced Water Treatment

Advanced Water Treatment provides complete cooling water treatment programmes to air conditioning units and large industrial plants, from computer suites to power stations. These programmes are applied throughout the UK in systems using a wide variety of make-up water types.

Companies benefiting from Advanced Water Treatment’s programmes include manufacturing, petrochemicals, cosmetics, food processing and facilities management operations. Advanced Water Treatment is dedicated to quality. We only use fully UKAS accredited laboratories. Accuracy, repeatability, sensitivity and tractability of results is assured, and the highest level of technical support is available to our customers. We pride ourselves in being a national company, whilst maintaining our local standard of service.

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