With global rainfall in decline, the resource pressures on industry and manufacturing as well as the high cost of thermal distillation. Advanced Water Treatment have become increasingly involved in supplying both industrial and domestic clients with desalination solutions.

Desalination is the process of removing some amount of salt and other minerals from water. This is usually in order to convert sea water into fresh water, suitable for human/animal consumption or irrigation.

Our desalination solutions are designed around our clients, making them ideal solutions for use in industry, for domestic supply, and for use on seagoing ships and submarines. As well as this, we can supply an ‘emergency relief’ unit. These systems vary in size but start at a convenient pallet mounted system offering onboard petrol pump/generator and quick start controls. This system is ideal for disaster relief applications, pumping water from sea/river/pond and converting to safe drinking water. Please contact us for more information.


At Advanced Water Treatment we use the latest technology to ensure a cost effective desalination solution for our clients. The principal process Advanced Water Treatment employs to desalinate water uses membranes to desalinate, principally applying reverse osmosis technology. Membrane processes use semi-permeable membranes and pressure to separate salts from water. Reverse osmosis plant membrane systems typically use less energy than thermal distillation, which has led to a reduction in overall desalination costs over the past decade. This makes Advanced Water Treatment ideally suited to help with your requirements, large or small.

Advanced Water Treatment

Advanced Water Treatment are uniquely placed in the market combining our knowledge of chemical water treatment with our proven expertise in water treatment plant, we are able to supply, service and monitor your water treatment plant as well as chemicals and dosing. We pride ourselves in our "local service, national coverage" promise, achieved through a network of reliable engineers. Above all we provide good value for money for all our customers.

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