There is a wide range of salts dissolved in water that can be removed through reverse osmosis. This is a natural process involving fluid flow across a semi-permiable membrane barrier. It is the process by which nutrients feed the cells in our bodies and how water gets to the leaves at the top of trees. Advanced Water Treatment's range of reverse osmosis plants typically remove up to 98% of dissolved in-organics and over 99% of totally dissolved organics, colloids and particles. Our high quality materials and professional build quality ensure a high quality of treated water is achieved and maintained.

Reverse osmosis units are used in a wide range of industries from boiler feed water generation to renal dialysis. Today's RO membranes operate at lower pressures with increased ionic rejection rates, providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of producing purified water. We also service all makes and models of reverse osmosis plant, stock replacement parts and membranes and we are happy to advise on troubleshooting issues, maintinance programs etc.

Our systems can include any of the following,

  • Micro-processor control for effective and efficient performance
  • Pre-filtration
  • On board high pressure feed pump
  • Calibrated conductivity measurement
  • Stainless steel high pressure pipe work
  • Skid mounting for ease of installation
  • Clean In Place (CIP) system
  • Duty/Standby Systems
  • Pre-treatment softening systems
  • Raw water feed pump and tank sets
  • High purity water storage tank
  • Twin Pass units
  • Pre-treatment filters: e.g. sand/anthracite, iron removal

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