Water filters; such as spun, string and pleated water filters remove sediment from your water supply. These filters work by filtering particles, dirt, sand, silt and more from your water to make it cleaner.

The type of water filter that you will require is determined on the flowrate and amount of sediment in your water supply. Our filters come in 2 lengths 10” & 20" and we stock a range of micron ratings including 0.5um, 1um and 5um. The filters come in 2 diameters these being 2.5" and 4.5".

Spun, string and pleated filters do not improve the water taste, remove chlorine or filter bacteria or other microorganisms. If you are looking to improve taste, remove bacteria or reduce odor you may want to use a carbon water filter. More information on these is shown below.

More information on the filters we supply...

Spun filters

Polypropylene spun filters; generally, a long use filter, which is cost effective with a capacity to hold onto high quantities of dirt; ideally changed every 3/6 months.

Spun filters are designed for filtering particles, dirt, sand, silt etc from the water supply. Spun filters can remove finer sediment from the water due to their tightly spun design.

Used mainly as pre-filtration for RO Systems and UV disinfection systems and for post filtration when using in a water filtration system.

Pleated filters

These are like the spun filters, made from a polypropylene material again, but with a pleated outer casing and are designed to remove substances such as silt, sand, river mud, rust and pollen. The pleated filters also offer a fine filtration and have been known to offer a better purity to the water due to the pleated filter design.

Pleated filters can be more expensive than the spun filters, but are more efficient as they can be washed a number of times before having to be replaced.

String Filters

These filters are ideal for use as a part of a whole house filtration system or as part of an RO System. String filters are ideal as use as part of the 1st stage of sediment water filtration and are a low cost way to filter water.

Designed for filtering particles, dirt, sand, silt etc from the water supply like the spun and pleated filters using the same polypropylene material, but instead of being tightly spun, this type of filter is wound.

Our string filters come in different lengths (10",20", 30" & 40") and in two microns 0.5m and 1micron.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters are designed to reduce chlorine and odors and improve the taste of the water supply.

Ideal for use as a part of a whole house filtration system with spun filters. These 2 types of filter work well together with the spun filter removing the sediment and the carbon filter removing any odor or taste and polishing the water.

Carbon filters can be used in hot and cold beverage filtration systems, with RO systems and with waste vegetable oil.

Filter Housings

We also sell filter housings that the filters are fitted in to before they are used. These are available from us in 10" and 20" lengths and in the small (2.5") and large (4.5") widths.

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