Borehole Water Treatment

Whether your raw water supply is from bore hole water, surface water, river water, recycled waste stream or potable water (mains) it can vary in quality due to seasonal changes, extreme weather and human activity (industrial pollution).
Pre-treating your water removes suspended solids, colloids, organics, iron and manganese, in preparation for further pre-treatment downstream. Raw water can be treated by a number of technologies, including filtration, ultrafiltration, softening, reverse osmosis or chemicals. Depending on the nature of your application, an appropriate combination of purification technologies can be used to provide water of your requirement quality both conveniently and cost-effectively. Advanced Water Treatment’s services include,
  • filtration & ultrafiltration
  • Water softening
  • reverse osmosis
  • chemical water treatment
  • Finding the best solution to your water treatment needs
  • Reduce fouling of down stream purification processes
  • Help you save money
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