Acid Descale / Chemical Clean

Advanced Water Treatment carry out acid clean/chemical descale’s on all makes, models and sizes of boilers as well as plate heat exchangers, pipework, in fact – anywhere that scale is a problem! We also work in close partnership with various boiler manufaturers, burner and fireside engineers to ensure that we not only carry out ‘wet side’ works to our clients requirements but can also advise and sign post to help with other problems.

The Problem of Scale

Raw water contains many dissolved solids including minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When the water is heated through a process known as ‘reverse solubility’ the calcium and magnesium salts present will result in scale formation on the heat exchanging surfaces. This vastly reduces the efficiency of the boiler; 1mm of scale causes a 5% decrease in efficiency. The scale can, in the worst case scenario, cause catastrophic boiler failure.

When does your boiler need descaling

When a heat exchanging surface accumulates a significant amount of calcium on its surface, descaling is needed. This effect most commonly occurs on heat exchanges which use raw water, as oppose to sealed systems which contain a small amount of calcium. This calcium will have come from the initial fill of water, and once this has precipitated there is no more left to deposit.

The raw water feed will continue to deposit calcium, resulting in very thick layers of scale which can virtually seal off all water flow in extreme cases. Signs of this happening are reduced water flow, erratically fluctuating water temperatures, reduced temperature, or any combination of these.

These photos show water-tubes suffering from overheating

Thin-lipped burst caused by rapid overheating
Long-term overheating

Advanced Water Treatment

Advanced Water Treatment are uniquely placed in the market combining our knowledge of chemical water treatment with our proven expertise in water treatment plant, we are able to supply, service and monitor your boiler, softeners and plant as well as chemicals and dosing. We pride ourselves in our “local service, national coverage” promise, achieved through a network of reliable engineers. Above all we provide good value for money for all our customers.

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