Legionella Water Monitoring

Advanced Water Treatment (Legionella Control Services) supplies as part of its Legionella Control programs site temperature and water system monitoring. This includes regular site visits, temperature checks, and various visual system inspection. This monitoring ensures compliance with the HSE ‘L8 Legionnaires’ disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems’ which is a legal requirement under COSHH for the control of Legionella bacteria. Monitoring is recorded and reported using our approved electronic data system, providing our customers with fast and efficient service.

Other System Water Monitoring
Advanced Water Treatment can carry out bespoke water monitoring for any client. Using state of the art technology we can accurately measure many components and contaminants in water such as hardness, molybdate, conductivity, ph, iron, total hardness etc. And with our network of reliable engineers you can be guaranteed a great service!

What Next?
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