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There are various types of pools, each differing in function (tropical swimming pool, sauna, spa etc), size and conditions such as water temperature, cleaning system and water disinfection mechanism.

There is a difference between swimming pools with a water recirculation system and swimming pools that undergo constant water refreshment. In circulation pools, the water is recycled from a water purification system. Part of the water is separated and carried away after treatment. The pool will be filled up with fresh water. When a swimming pool has a continual flow, the water is continually refreshed. The water that is retreated from the pool is discharged into the sewer, or it will be transported to a water purification plant.

However all types of pool water must undergo treatment, in order to remain clear and clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens and made suitable for use by swimmers.

Purification steps

Swimming pool water is treated by means of various purification steps. The water is first transported from swimming pools to a water purification plant. In the water purification plant, it will flow through a hair removal filter, which removes raw pollutions, such as hairs, plasters and leaves, from water. After that, a flocculant is added, which causes smaller colloids to bind together. Colloids are visible floating particles of organic matter, such as skin tissue and textile fibers. This group of pollutants also concerns colloidal pollutants, such as saliva, soap remains, cosmetic products and skin fats. When these pollutants are abundant, they cause turbidity. Floating particles are removed from water in a sandfilter. The sandfilter is backflushed periodically. Finally, pollutants are discharged into the sewer.

Water Treatment Equipment

To keep pool water clean, and manage polutants, Advanced Water Treatment use a range of water treatment equipment, some of our products and services include,

  • Filters (sand filters etc)
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Ozone Generators
  • UV Units
  • Pumps and Pipework
  • Chemical Dosing Equipment
  • Legionella and Water Services Risk Assessment and Management

Chemical Water Treatment

As well as the physical filters, Advanced Water Treatment’s range of water treatment for swimming pools, spa baths and other leisure facilities encompases chemical water treatment. This includes,

  • Chemical dosing equipment, including pumps and tanks
  • Supply of chlorine and dosing
  • Supply of acid for PH control
  • Supply of chemical indicators for contaminants

Advanced Water Treatment

Advanced Water Treatment are uniquely placed in the market combining our knowledge of chemical water treatment with our proven expertise in water treatment plant, we are able to supply, service and monitor your water treatment plant as well as chemicals and dosing. We pride ourselves in our “local service, national coverage” promise, achieved through a network of reliable engineers. Above all we provide good value for money for all our customers.

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