Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the capture, storage and re-distribution of rain water for non potable (i.e. not drinking or ingestible) water applications such as WC’s and Urinals, irrigation, washing, laundry, process water etc. Rainwater harvesting can deliver substantial saving and so is ideally suited to a number of applications. All our industrial systems are designed specifically for each client, taking into consideration, location and space requirements as well as proposed usage and budget.


  • Schools, universities and public buildings
  • Commercial offices
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Housing associations, local authority buildings
  • Industrial developments
  • Farms and agriculture
  • Plant nurseries and garden centres
  • Health care (hospitals, care homes, clinics)
  • Retail centres and supermarkets

Available Systems

All our industrial systems are designed specifically for each client and there are many factors to take into consideration when designing a system. There are three primary configurations to be adapted from:

Non-pressurised system

Rainwater is channelled from the roof into the storage tank, passing an integrated filter to remove large debris (e.g. leaves). Water enters the tank via an inlet calmer preventing disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank. Excess rainwater flows out of an overflow with a one-way valve and rodent protection; also skimming surface particles. Inside the tank are sensors and a submersible pump which, on demand, take water from the cleanest part of the tank through a floating suction filter supplying filtered rainwater to the break tank. This tank gravity supplies water to point of use. It is possible to have the break tank at any level in the building when combined with a booster unit sized for the specific building requirements. During periods of low rainfall, a WRAS compliant mains water top-up provides a continuous failsafe supply. More than one break tank can be used in a system – our Technical Team can offer design assistance to ensure the most economic solution is applied.

Pressurised system

This system may be required in buildings with low water consumption, where roof space for a header tank is limited or where a pressurised supply is required for applications. Rainwater collection and flow within this system follows the same process as the non-pressurised system. The main difference being that water enters the control system and flows via a pressurisation unit as a direct supply to points of use. In periods of low rainfall a WRAS compliant mains water back-up activates, providing a continuous water supply. This tops-up a percentage of the underground storage tank. This type of system is only recommended within certain applications and it is best to discuss the individual requirements with the team at Advanced Water Treatment.

Or a combination of the above

This is a unique control system combining the benefits of both a gravity-fed header tank system and the pressurised supply of a boosted water system. As with our other systems, rainwater follows the same journey until it reaches the control unit. Instead of the normal control unit a Combi unit is fitted. Here, water is stored awaiting distribution by the energy efficient variable speed booster; providing water at pressure to a range of applications without the need for large header tanks. The system also features mains water back-up and WRAS compliant air-break to provide a continuous water supply.

Advanced Water Treatment

Advanced Water Treatment are uniquely placed in the market combining our knowledge of chemical water treatment with our proven expertise in water treatment plant, we are able to supply, service and monitor your water treatment plant as well as chemicals and dosing. We pride ourselves in our “local service, national coverage” promise, achieved through a network of reliable engineers. Above all we provide good value for money for all our customers.

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